Samsung Micro SD EvoPlus 256 GB with SD Adapter

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  • This 256GB EVO Plus UHS-I microSDXC Memory Card from Samsung holds 256GB of data. Its Ultra High Speed Class 1 (UHS-I) bus interface enables it to achieve maximum read and write speeds of 90 MB/s and 30 MB/s respectively, which are far greater than the 10 MB/s minimum speeds guaranteed by the Class 10 and UHS-I ratings. This microSDXC card is ideal for Full HD video recordings and high-resolution pictures. A microSD to SD adapter is included, allowing you to use the card in a full-size SDHC/SDXC slot. 

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    The Samsung EVO Plus 256GB is more or less identical to the 128GB model; the face of the card is white and red with branding and the capacity written in white. Other product information, including the card type (microSD) and speed class are also on the face of the card.


    In our 2MB sequential benchmark, the EVO Plus 256GB card posted the strongest numbers that we have seen out of any microSD: 89.8MB/s read and 83MB/s write. The Samsung PRO was the closest in terms of performance (89.2MB/s and 83.7MB/s in read and write, respectively), followed by the EVO Plus 128GB card (84.9MB/s and 19.7MB/s, respectively) and the Patriot LX (81.07MB/s and 20.77MB/s, respectively).

    The EVO Plus 256GB card slipped a bit in our 2MB random benchmark, posting 85.7MB/s read and 2.4MB/s write. Although it's write performance was the weaker than its comparable cards, its read performance was still quite strong. The Samsung PRO surpassed the EVO Plus 256GB in terms of both read and write (86.1MB/s and 4.7MB/s, respectively), and the EVO Plus 128GB (79.5MB/s read and 3.9MB/s write) and Patriot LX (58.66MB/s read and 6.57MB/s write) each outpaced the EVO Plus 256GB in terms of write performance.

    In our random 4k benchmark, the EVO Plus 256GB posted 1,243 IOPS and 413 IOPS (read and write, respectively), and the Patriot LX posted 982 IOPS and 255 IOPS (read and write, respectively).


    The EVO Plus 256GB is a strong addition to Samsung's repertoir of microSD cards. In addtion to its novelty as one of the few 256GB microSD cards on the market, the new EVO Plus exhibits a huge improvement in performance compared to the previous model; in terms of sequential transfers, the EVO Plus 256GB has write speeds that outpace Samsung's performance card (i.e., PRO Plus). In the context of the market as a whole, there aren't many microSD cards that can compete with the EVO Plus. Although media professionals and enthusiasts would likely have a hard time to finding a better option, the EVO Plus might be unnecessary for casual users.

    Samsung has further incentivized consumers to consider the EVO Plus by including a 10-year warranty. Considering the extent to which the storage market will likely change between now and then, this might even mean that certain users would never need to buy another microSD. Furthermore, Samsung has outfitted the EVO Plus with a durable chassis to ensure that it lasts that long. As far as performance goes, the 256GB EVO Plus showed strong performance coming out on top of our 2MB sequential tests with 89.2MB/s read and 83.7MB/s write. While not the overall top performer in 2MB random, the 256GB EVO Plus had another strong performance with 85.7MB/s read and 2.4MB/s write


    • Huge storage density
    • Great overall performance 
  • Specifications

    • Capacity: 256GB of content storage
    • Samsung 4-Proof Features:
      • Waterproof (IEC 60529, IPX7)
      • Temperature-proof
      • X-ray-proof
      • Magnetic-proof
    • Transfer Speeds: Read and write speeds of up to 95MB/s and 90MB/s, respectively
    • Speed Class: UHS-1, Class 10, (U3) compatible
    • Warranty: Limited 10-year
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  •  Package Inclusions

    • 1 Samsung MicroSD EvoPlus 256 GB with SD Adapter