iPhone X or Samsung S8?

November 29, 2017

iPhone X or Samsung S8?


Does the iPhone X beat the Samsung S8?


This month, one of the hottest topics has been on the iPhone X. At the time Apple released their latest flagship phone, it appeared on the top 10 in Google Trends, even while there were other major world events going on. Apple had to make this release special, since they were celebrating the 10th anniversary of iPhones, and they did not fail to impress.

Why you may want to buy the new iPhone X

The iPhone X is a great phone, definitely one of the top 3 phones of the year and arguably the best. There are awesome features that come with it, but the three main selling points are face ID, new design and performance. Perhaps the closest competition comes from Apple’s main rival – the Galaxy S8 and S8+, and Samsung owners will have to consider these when looking for a new phone.

Watching Apple’s keynote speech practically had me drooling over it, it’s just so well designed. The company has always had a way of creating a lot of hype around their product releases. They also claimed that it was faster than the iPhone 7, which was already a very fast device, so that was a check for me. Then the bombshell dropped in the form of face ID – now that was some futuristic stuff. All technology buffs had been waiting for something big like this.

When this thing finally hit the stores, everyone was excited, and it was clear Apple had just revolutionised the smartphone industry. It was awesome, and by most accounts, better than the Galaxy S8 but is it over all?

Reasons not to switch to Apple

Of course, Apple had to praise the iPhone X so people would go out to buy it. As mentioned before, the new device is indeed amazing, but perhaps it may not be worth its price tag. That’s the first issue right there – the iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone, and by a lot. The base version (64GB) is worth a $1,799 while the Galaxy S8 can be bought at a $999 or as little as $879.00 for an as new refurbished model. Sometimes a higher quality item may cost more, but I don’t believe this is the case here.

For example, the face ID feature that should have been the main advantage has instead been dogged with controversy. In fact, trouble started during the Apple keynote when face ID did not work as perfectly as they claimed. Then there were rumours Apple was reducing the accuracy requirement in order to achieve the set release date following production difficulties. Apple has denied these claims, but the company still admits identical twins, children under 13 and some siblings may match from time to time.

So far, face ID seems to be working great, and it will only get better with updates over time. Nevertheless, this one feature doesn’t justify the over a $800 price difference, so we have to look at the other standout features. Comparing the previous iPhone 7 with the S8, performance was better on the S8 for general use, but slower on video editing and such (professional tasks). Now Apple claims the iPhone X is 30% faster, but this shouldn’t make much of a difference on common tasks. Therefore, I don’t think users will even notice a performance difference. These are both flagship phones, and you should not expect any lags.

Now let’s look at the cameras. The camera on the S8 is solid – it works well in all conditions. The iPhone’s camera, though improved in aperture speed, only beats the S8’s on the added features. Still, you can get these features through a 3rd party app on the Play Store, so this really isn’t an advantage.

Finally, the design. Apple finally returned to glass-back phones to allow for wireless charging, and they are also proud of the edge-to-edge screen. Samsung also have a bezel-less display on the Galaxy S8 where the screen blends into the sides. The only difference is that the S8 has bezels at the top and bottom, while the iPhone X only has that notch at the top to house the cameras and depth sensors. In terms of real estate, the iPhone X design is made up of more screen, but this doesn’t beat the S8’s design by much.

The verdict

On all things where the iPhone X beats the Galaxy S8, it’s only by a slight margin, not enough to justify the huge price difference. There really isn’t a good reason to go for the iPhone X unless you just really love iPhones. If you are still bugged by those few advantages that the iPhone has over the Galaxy, why not just wait 3 more months for the Galaxy S9 to be released? You can expect it to have most of the iPhone’s features, and still be much cheaper. For now, considering only the minor differences, just keep the S8 a few months longer.


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