Give your dock a facelift

February 24, 2016

Among the most significant parts of your smartphone’s home screen is the dock, the icons at the bottom of the page that gets you to your most used apps. Most people don’t really pay much attention to this part of the screen, instead just focusing on the wallpapers. In truth, you can make your dock very efficient and attractive, effectively helping you enjoy operating your device.

Here are just a few ways to revamp your dock and make it better:

Modify the number of icons

By default, the dock on Samsung devices has 5 icons, and one is usually for the app drawer. This leaves you with just 4 options to play with, which can be problematic. If you’re like me, you probably want to get to your apps really fast without having to scroll down the app drawer.

You can add more apps to your dock either through increasing the number of icons, or by adding dock pages. However, this may need a custom launcher installed, such as Go Launcher or Nova Launcher. Don’t worry, these won’t slow your phone down or anything, in fact, they have even more cool features you can check out.

Anyway, a custom launcher will allow you to increase the number of dock icons from 5 to up to 10. For me, 7 are more than enough, after all, the more icons you have, the smaller they become and harder to get to. With 7 icons, you can now add 2 more regularly used apps. If you want even more, use dock pages that will allow you to swipe the dock to reveal more icons.

Add folders

If you want to avoid the app drawer completely, then folders will be the way to go. Fortunately, you don’t need a custom launcher to do this: tap and hold an icon in the app drawer (the home screen appears), then drag that icon onto an existing icon in the dock. The two icons will be grouped together, and tapping on the folder will reveal the two apps. You can keep doing this for as many apps as you want.

Add themes

If you get bored with the way the dock icons look, which you probably will, it may be time to change the way they look. The same custom launchers that you downloaded above may also be used for theming, and they usually have a very diverse range of icons. This is the chance to get really creative because you can choose any theme you want, afterwards, you will find the dock a lot prettier to look at.

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