Galaxy Note 5 tips February 22 2016, 0 Comments

Samsung released this device late last year to succeed the Note 4 which was a huge success. This meant that the company had to come up with something different and with a lot of new features, and they did. Although most changes affected the physical and performance aspects, there were also a number of improvements to the functionality.

The Note 5 was to be an easier device to use due to better user friendliness and nifty hidden features, some of which are listed below:


The camera on the Note 5 is pretty amazing, but all that doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t get to it fast enough. With this device, you can launch the camera from whichever page you’re on, even if the screen is turned off, by double-tapping the Home button. The camera application will open up in a few seconds and you can start snapping right away.


All Samsung devices have the ability to take screenshots by pressing both the Home and Power buttons. However, the Note 5 has some few tricks to add, including the use of gestures to take screenshots. Provided you have Motions and gestures turned on in your device settings, swiping your palm across the entire display will take a screenshot.

The Note 5 is also the only device which can take screenshots of longer pages without third-party apps, thanks to the S Pen. When you pull out the Pen, the Air Command menu will appear; tap on Screen Write, then Scroll capture and the screen will start scrolling. Save the image when you’re done.

Easy scrolling

The Note 5 is pretty large, and holding it for extended periods can strain your wrists. This is why I just use it while it lies on the table; as you browse long webpages, just use the S Pen to scroll up and down. You will notice a small arrow appear at the bottom or top of the screen if you move the Pen towards the bottom or top of the device. It’s a much easier way to scroll while you’re not holding the device.

Quick notes

When the screen is off, just pull out the S Pen and a notebook will appear; scribble down a few short notes and tap on Save. When you’re done, just stick the S Pen back in and you’re done.

S Finder

You can search your entire device for images, music or documents through this feature. You will find this feature in your Quick Settings when you pull down the notification bar and start typing right away.

Reboot the device

The inability to quickly remove the battery and reinsert it has had many people worried about what to do if the device ‘hangs’. It’s very unlikely, but possible nonetheless depending on how you use the device. To quickly reboot, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. The device will shut down and reboot without losing any of your data.