Why you shouldn’t much bother with antivirus software November 23 2015, 0 Comments

Any company seeking to sell their products will first have to convince you that you need them. Pharmaceutical companies will make up new diseases, fashion designers will make you think the style is ‘cool’ and antivirus developers will scare you with security threats. This is simply marketing. The truth is, you can do without an antivirus app on your device, and here’s why:

Antivirus apps don’t have real access

To keep your device secure, all apps are kept in separate ‘sandboxes’; this prevents any app from causing any damage to the Android system. Antivirus apps, too, are just like any other apps, they don’t have low-level access into the android system and can’t do much. Instead, an antivirus app would only scan the name of an app and match it against the database for malicious apps.

The real threats, those that can mess with the Android system, are found deep within the system where apps can’t access. Only system updates can fix these errors.

Google is already doing most of the work

Because apps don’t have access, the next step would be to scan any apps being installed, which Google does. Forget apps downloaded directly from the Play Store, those are scanned constantly, but even if you download an app from another source, the Android system offers to scan the app for you before the installation.

Another service provided by antivirus apps is the tracking feature to locate your device when you lose it, but Android already does that for free so…

Antivirus apps take up valuable system resources

To run system and network scans, these apps end up draining your battery and taking away from the experience. Besides battery life, they also impact your RAM and storage and depleting these resources which you definitely need for other more important functions.

The verdict

Just keep away from any antivirus apps because they only offer negligible assistance while taking away a lot of the good. If, for some reason, you’ve found one to be helpful, then you’re certainly welcome to keep using it. Just keep in mind that you can always uninstall it the moment you feel like you don’t need it.