First aid to save your device from water damage

November 23, 2015

So you’ve dropped your phone in the tub, pool or even a puddle in the rain, and it isn’t water resistant, what do you do? The first thing, which goes without saying, is to take it out as soon as possible.

What you do next is what matters:

What not to do

  • Turn it on if it switched off automatically
  • Shake, tap, bang or blow on it as this could push the water further inside
  • Heat it up even with a blow dryer or cool it down by putting it into a freezer
  • Take it apart unless you know how to, remember this would void your warranty

What to do

  1. If it didn’t go off on its own, turn it off
  2. Remove the back cover (if possible) and the SIM and memory cards
  3. With a dry cloth, dab the phone dry but don’t spread it around because you might push some water toward the openings
  4. You can also use a vacuum to suck out the water in deep cracks and openings
  5. Bury the phone in a bag full of rice, which absorbs water from the phone. There are phone drying pouches in the market dedicated for this purpose but chances are you won’t have then lying around and this is an emergency
  6. Let your phone dry for a day or two, try to forget about it in the meantime
  7. After the wait, take it out and try to switch it on. Chances are it will, but if it doesn’t, try plugging it into a charger or switching the battery.
  8. Consider these steps as first aid, in case it works, you’re okay, although you still need to examine it. Try making a phone call and playing music to make sure both speakers are okay.
  9. On the other hand, if it doesn’t work, then you’d better take it to a professional, and you should start thinking of buying a new one.

What next

If you were lucky enough to revive your device, take measures next time to avoid the situation, don’t test your luck again. There are water resistant cases in the market you could spring for to avoid this situation. If you weren’t so lucky, next time buy a water resistant phone.

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