Smart home apps

October 19, 2015

From computers to smartphones, smart devices and now smart homes, it seems everything is getting automated. Technology has a way of making everything easier, although it also poses the problem of having to learn how to operate the gadgets. For the smart home owner, you won’t have to go through a lot of the hassle because you can control your home gadgets from your smartphone. All you will need is to find the app that is compatible with your system. These are some of the most common apps for the most used smart home systems:

Samsung SmartThings

The Samsung smart home system is one of the best because it works seamlessly to make your home really smart. The only problem is that you will need to have compatible devices already installed in your home, which makes the transition a bit difficult. If you already have compatible devices, this might be the best system you can have, and you can control most of the devices from the mobile app.

You can easily turn on and off any devices you may have in your home, and also monitor routines around the home. Plus, the app looks good and is easy to use


The thing that makes Fibaro awesome is that you don’t need to have smart devices in your home, the system works with the devices you already have. All you will need is to buy the FIBARO Home Centre which you can control with your smartphone and make your home smart.

It’s not the prettiest of apps, being a new company, and the app’s user interface isn’t very attractive. Still, it performs well when you need it to do something. From the app, you can get notifications of any activity in your home, including people coming in and out of the house.

What about the others?

There are definitely more than a dozen smart home apps out there, all dedicated to the manufacturer’s system. Most systems are great, but the apps may not work as well, but I’ve heard great things about the two above, so they are worth a try.

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