Apps inspired by TV shows

October 19, 2015

Are you an avid TV Shows fan? What’s your favorite show? Chances are there’s an app based on your favorite TV show’s storyline, as long as others like it too. I don’t know all

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

TWD is all the rage right now since the 6th season began, and this app lets you turn yourself into one of the zombies. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself and turn your facial features one by one into a realistic zombie. You can also submit your picture to the Walker photo gallery or just use it as your profile picture which would be awesome.

There are also some other apps by independent developers which have made the game from the storyline if you wish to delve deeper into the game, but none by AMC.

Turn: Recruit Your Ring

This app, too, only offers photo editing tools, but it’s also awesome for those that like the show. Unlike Dead Yourself though, you can add up to four friends to your ring of spies and also customize their images. It’s not a big addition but welcome nonetheless.

Arm Yourself

This is a nice one to just have fun with, and it also draws inspiration from the show Game of Arms. You take your picture, including your arms, and pump up your biceps to make them look big. Then you shake your phone hard for about 15 seconds so that it can measure your arm’s strength; it’s not accurate, but at least it provides a realistic measure of your strength. With your profile, you can then wrestle with other people through the app and compete.


Remember the beloved serial killer? Well, if you followed the show keenly, this app will help test your memory by asking trivia questions. You also get wallpapers and video clips from the show plus, of course, photo editing tools.

Game of Thrones: Ascent

This list would not be complete without at least mentioning Game of Thrones, and you might think it would deserve the top spot except there isn’t an official app from HBO. Nonetheless, given its popularity, there are a number of apps developed independently and Ascent is one of the best.

I say it is because the game has a lot of features, allowing you to play quests based on the show’s progress as well as changing the storyline according to the decisions you make. That said, the game is still very buggy and even on a high-end device, will lag and close unexpectedly. But you have to appreciate the developers’ efforts because they clearly put a lot of thought into it.

Any others out there?

I’m willing to try out some other games out there and offer my review, but for now, these are the ones I’ve actually played myself, and the TV shows I like.

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