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October 19, 2015

Are you feeling lucky? If you are, the next question has to be, what’s your favorite game? Whatever it is, I’m sure there’s an app out there you can use to try your luck at. I’ve highlighted here some of the apps available right now which have good reviews in terms of transparency where you won’t be swindled. Find your game and start gambling:

Card games

I only know of two card games, blackjack and poker, from a recent visit to a casino. I concluded I’m not very good at it, but I assume there’s always a winner at the table. If you think you might be that winner, you might try the Blackjack app from Super Lucky Casino or the other Blackjack app by Brainium. For poker, try the World Series of Poker where you can play live online or with friends.

I should mention neither of these apps require real money to play but rather virtual cash, for that you would have to find a website such as Carbon Poker.


The odds of beating a slot machine are very minimal, but then again you don’t require a lot of money to begin with so… To get the feel of an actual slot machine, you might first want to try out PlaySlots and Slots free casino which come close to the real thing. When you’ve had enough practice, try the real thing or you can do it online through this website.

Dice games

These games aren’t as risky as the previous two, yet it’s always good to practice through apps like Backgammon Free and Backgammon live. With these apps, you can play against your friends or with strangers online and sharpen your skills before putting in real money.

Sports betting

Now these I like, because I’m a big sports fan, especially football. What’s more, you don’t need to have a lot of money for the initial deposit. My favorites are Betway and Bet365, two of the biggest names in sports betting. You can start with as little as $10 and try to work your way up from there. Unlike other online games, these involve real money, so need to be very careful not to lose all your savings.

My advice

Gambling once in a while is fun, I know this because I’ve tried it. You shouldn’t get hooked on it though, one’s luck runs out pretty quick and you should be careful not to gamble with all your savings. Consider these apps as practice so you can have a bit of an edge the next time you walk into a casino.

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