Why you should update your apps

October 19, 2015

You might have already become tired of all the constant updating of apps and perhaps even turned off the auto-update feature. Actually, that’s not a bad decision, allowing apps to automatically update may drain your battery and leave you stranded. Nonetheless, you should try to update apps whenever you can, and I’ll tell you why:

New features

With every update, developers try to add more features either to the user interface or actual functionality. Take the latest YouTube update, you can now stream the games you play live and have others watch your progress. The Play Store is also gearing up for a major update which will add several improvements.

Of all the apps, however, games have to be regularly updated so you can get various additions developers add to make the games more exciting.

Bug fixes

If your apps keep crashing or lagging, you might consider checking for an update. This is often the case especially after a system update, and app developers modify their apps to work effectively with the newer operating systems.

Updates aren’t that big

I noticed that even the large apps tend to update pretty quickly, until I found that app updates don’t have to download the entire app all over. Only the updates are downloaded, so your data usage won’t be too high and mess with your budget limit.

Compatibility with newer Android versions

If you want to experience material design, which was introduced in Android Lollipop, you have to update your apps. Previous versions of apps looked completely different from one another but material design unified the apps’ UI. If your apps still look like they did, then you definitely need to update.

All in all

I have to admit Google is doing their best to optimize all android apps in order to improve performance and enhance the android experience. plus, there’s the factor of appreciating a developer’s work and giving feedback so they can keep improving their apps.

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