Devices receiving Marshmallow update

October 19, 2015

No one wants to get a device that is obsolete, or even one that may soon become so. If you want to avoid being left behind, you should know most devices only get two years’ support from the manufacturer. After the initial 2 years’ support, you will have to stick with your last update. For the Android Marshmallow update, for example, only devices released in 2014 onwards get the update.

Nexus devices

Nexus phones and tablets are always first to receive updates, and the same is the case for Android M. Even though the OS still isn’t available for other devices, Nexus 5, 6, 7 and 9 have already started receiving the updates. As for Nexus 5X and 6P, they come preloaded with Marshmallow from the shop so you won’t have to download any updates.

Samsung devices

On the Note line, the Note 4, Note 4 duos and of course Note 5 will get the update. Users of the Galaxy S5 may be disappointed because Samsung haven’t yet confirmed if it will receive the update, although S6 and S6 Edge users can be sure of it. Other devices, too, will get the update, and you can head over here for the complete list.

LG phones

LG also haven’t officially stated which of their devices will receive the update, but based on the 2-year support filter, you can expect the G3 and G4 to get the update. However, LG was the first to release the Lollipop update and will also be the first with Marshmallow, since they plan to release the update in Poland soon.

Sony and HTC

I don’t know why some manufacturers haven’t yet officially announced which devices will receive the update, Sony and HTC have. I like HTC’s strategy to announce through their official Twitter page because it’s quicker, while Sony have announced through their website.

When you should expect the update

It takes some time before manufacturers modify the OS to their liking, plus there are always variations depending on location and carrier. As such, there can’t be an accurate estimate, but you can be assured every device that qualifies for an update will have it by early 2016.

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