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September 11, 2015

This month Samsung released two more devices on their Note and Galaxy brands, the Note 5 and the S6 Edge+. The Note 5 was expected because a new device is released annually, but the S6 Edge+ was a bit of a surprise. If you have any of their predecessors, you might be asking yourself what’s different, and if it’s worth shelling out $1,000 more for them. So let’s take a look at what’s new:


The rear cameras in both devices are still 16MP, so no difference there. Samsung claim to have improved the quality of the picture, but the cameras were already pretty awesome, so it’s not enough reason to buy the device. The front camera gets a boost on the Note 5, though, because now it’s 5MP while the predecessor only had 3.7MP. If you take selfies, this might be something you will appreciate.

Display and body

Only the screen size changes on the S6 Edge+, now it’s a warping 5.7 inches, similar to the Note 5. The pixel density slightly dips, though you won’t even notice because the display is still very beautiful. The Note 5 remains the same, but I wouldn’t even want it to because it’s still quite big.

However, you might want to know that the body of the Note 5 is slightly smaller, which means smaller bezels. The difference in size is not that big, though, only a few millimeters, just enough to make it easier to hold. In addition, the Note 5 doesn’t have that leather back, it’s all aluminium like the S6 which makes it very slippery. Anyway, don’t worry about dropping it, the material is pretty strong to withstand minimal pressure.

Processor and RAM

There is no difference in processing power on either device, but both devices get a gigabyte boost in RAM. Now, both of them have a 4GB RAM which is enough to improve multitasking even for resource-intensive apps and games.


I have always used wireless charging just because it’s so cool, but it was slower to charge with than using a cable. Not any more with the latest addition, now even wireless charging has fast-charging capabilities, which seems to be well on its way to phasing out the wired charger. Bad news, though, the Note 5 now has a smaller battery at only 3,000mAh unlike the 3220mAh on its predecessor.

This, I believe, is an attempt to reduce weight because of the heavier aluminium makeup. What’s more, you can’t remove the back cover if your battery runs out, so I’m really curious to see how this battery holds up.

What does this mean?

In short, unless you would just like a bigger screen, the S6 Edge+ doesn’t make sense to the person who already owns the S6 Edge. If you’re a Note fan, you might enjoy some of the new improvements, or, just switch to the S6 Edge+ and enjoy curved screen edges. The two devices aren’t that different, anyway, so now you can just flip a coin.

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