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September 11, 2015

Every year, major brands release flagship phones. This year we say the S6 and its counterpart the S6 Edge, Sony had the Xperia Z3+, HTC with their M9, LG and the G4, you get the point. But even less known are the newcomers and perhaps even, visionaries.

Android One

Started last year, this was Google’s project to make Android very affordable but still as enjoyable. The project started last year in India and although sales were less than expected, Google have further expanded the Android One to even more regions.

Android One devices were selling at less than $100 and would provide an authentic Android experience, much like the Nexus devices. Like the Nexus devices, they would not have that ‘layer’ of software manufacturers add on to customize the OS. Which would mean these devices would also receive updates quicker than other devices.

On the specs sheet, though, don’t expect anything extraordinary, these are budget phones at best. This is a particular sore-spot for many because there are some Chinaphones with a similar price tag and better specs, and this probably led to the low sales. On the other hand, you get the pure android experience and receive updates and patches immediately, so you don’t have to worry about security flaws.

These devices are only available online, and right now, there is even talk of a $47 Android One selling in India. This is great news to developers and enthusiasts because we get a cheap device to test our stuff on.

Blackberry Venice

I am really eager to see this one come out, it seems Blackberry have finally given into the allure of Android, or it could just be the final kicks of a dying horse. I know that’s a bit harsh, but the pressure they feel seems to have pushed them to produce what could be one of the top smartphones. Only concept renders exist right now but we know it shall have an 18MP camera and still retain the Blackberry Hub. The latter isn’t new because HTC have a similar Blinkfeed. The rest is just gorgeous design, you have to see the pictures for yourself.

What’s next for Android?

Obviously, Android is growing exponentially, and many companies recognize this. Nokia tried Android but finally went for Microsoft, maybe if they had stuck with Google they’d be performing better. So what do we take away from this, keep it Google and Android!

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