Battery problems?

September 08, 2015

A smartphone’s battery is very important, it runs everything, and without a properly functioning battery, you might not enjoy all the features of the device. The simplest solution is to replace the battery altogether, but sometimes the problem may lie with the device itself, not the battery. Before you spring for a new battery check if you notice any of the following:

  • Bump on the back of the phone, or the device’s back cover doesn’t fit as it used to
  • Remove the battery, if your device allows, and inspect if the battery appears ‘swollen’
  • The device doesn’t rest completely flat when placed on a flat surface

Lithium-ion batteries usually bulge when they have a problem, which is actually very common. This is caused by overheating, say you leave or use the device in direct sunlight for a long time. Also, use of third-party chargers which aren’t as effective may damage the battery.

The solution to these problems is straightforward, purchase a new battery and find a better charger. Just remember to buy an original, or else you will wind right back here.

Another common problem may have nothing to do with the battery itself, but instead the device’s calibration. This is usual especially after a system update, and many people complain about battery drain for this reason. Sometimes, too, the device may suddenly shut down, even when the battery percentage is above 0%. You only need to calibrate the device in this case, and here’s how:

  1. Use the device until battery runs out and it automatically turns off
  2. Plug in your charger and let the device charge fully, without turning it on
  3. Unplug your charger and turn on your device
  4. Again, use the device until the battery runs out and the device turns off
  5. Charge the device to completion before turning it on, that’s it

It may seem pointless, but it’s an exercise to retrain your device on reading the battery’s capacity.

Caring for the battery

The importance of an appropriate charger cannot be overstated, and the wrong charger can even be disastrous. Lithium-ion batteries have been known to explode when overheated, and a low-voltage charger can destroy the battery over time. Therefore, it’s important to take good care of your battery and address any problems you find quickly.

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