Google's new logo

September 08, 2015

Have you noticed anything different with Google Now? The change is only minor but I feel the interface looks better. I suppose this is part of the shakeup caused by the company’s rebranding after changing its parent company to Alphabet.

They have changed their logo, too, changing the font and design. The previous logo used narrow strokes but the new one is more ‘flat’ and slightly smaller. Colour hasn’t been altered, though, with the logo maintaining the red, yellow, blue and green hues.

Some apps have already adapted the new logo including Google+, Google App, News, Translate and Maps, and we expect the changes to be pushed out soon. Even the shortened ‘G’ and mic icons will be revamped to be multicolored, perhaps even changing the loading animation to a dotted animation.

Rebranding is common among companies, and even Google execs inform us to expect even more changes. We’re going to see the final designs when Android Marshmallow finally rolls out, and this might just be the testing stage.

Changes to Now

On Android devices, Google Now will have more horizontally scrollable sections which I find very welcoming. Previously, you had to keep scrolling up and down through information you might not need at the moment. Now, the Now cards will be categorized in sections and you can scroll sideways through the information you require.

Among the stories, Twitter posts will also be available so you can see if the news is trending. And over time, these cards will be sorted according to importance, keeping the more important stuff at the top.

What does this mean?

In general, the change is little and might even go unnoticed by those who don’t pay too much attention to detail. I appreciate this, though, and feel like google is making the ground for some additional features. In the meantime, let’s wait to see and keep enjoying the new look.

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