Beware of fake devices

September 08, 2015

Samsung devices are cheaper than Apple device, but even then a $600 price tag can be difficult for some. This has led to people seeking these devices from 3rd party sources at lower prices. However, there have been increasing cases of fake devices which look very similar to the original devices. They are so similar, in fact, you might be fooled and fall for it.

I would advise someone seeking for a more affordable device to first look at Amazon and eBay. These online stores require that sellers state clearly whether the device is authentic. Check through the product details thoroughly before making the purchase, especially under ‘Brand’. If it’s stated as ‘generic’ or ‘unbranded’, you should know it’s probably a fake. In such a case where the seller misrepresented the information, these online stores have policies to guarantee a refund so you will never be cheated.

When you go through all options and can’t find a device you can afford, that’s when you can opt for 3rd party sources. One of the most popular platform is Craigslist and you can arrange for a face-to-face meeting. In this case, here’s what you should look out for:

  • I don’t even have to say this, but select a location that is secure, the last thing you want is to be mugged
  • Check the box carefully: if the device comes in a box, this can be very revealing. An authentic device’s box used clear fonts with information about serial number, copyrights, manufacture, etc. and doesn’t have a lot of imagery. A fake’s box is probably going to have lots of images and useless information.
  • Play around with the device: fakes are so cheap because they use inferior hardware, which means poor processors, RAMs and GPUs. If you run several apps on a fake device, you will notice lots of lagging which would also be a warning sign.
  • Do your research: search for details about the device online on YouTube and check for pictures. Keep these in mind so you can compare with the device in your hand. Key points include back cover and icons, for example, the Galaxy S6 has a glass back cover, if it isn’t, don’t pay for it.

Above all

My father always says, if it doesn’t feel good in your hand, don’t buy it; trust your instincts. The point is to purchase something you are satisfied with.

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