What you didn’t know about android

September 08, 2015

How are you liking your Android experience so far? I’m guessing you love it. But are you sure you’ve maximized its capabilities? Probably not. There’s so much to Android even I keep learning every day, for now let’s look at some interesting features:

Play Store

Formerly the Android Market, the Play Store has become very robust, and you can now do more with it than just download apps. Now there are also books, music, magazines, movies and lots more you can buy and download. Some of this content, like music and movies, can also be accessed on your computer, you don’t have to watch it on your smartphone.

The Play Store can also be accessed from the computer, say, you find a link on your PC, opening that link will lead you to the Play Store from where you can purchase and download the app. On your computer, select the device and click the download button. Be careful, though, because if you don’t have Wi-Fi, it’s going to use your mobile data.

To also save on mobile data, turn off automatic app updates so only you can prompt a download. Also, set up a credit account so you won’t have to enter your details whenever you want to make a purchase.

Prevent accidental purchases

Open Google Play settings and select options for purchases, it’s possible to choose whether you want the app will request permission before purchases. This will help you avoid accidental or unauthorized purchases.

In case you make a purchase accidentally, Play Store allows you 30 minutes to use the app before you can request a full refund.

Amazon AppStore

You won’t find this app from the Play Store anymore, but it’s still available from Amazon’s website. If you had made purchases on Amazon previously, you can now access that stuff directly to your Android smartphone. Besides, Amazon AppStore offers free apps everyday which can be a great way to access premium apps.

Limit data usage

If you don’t want a humongous data bill down the line, it’s advisable to keep a limit to your data usage. From your settings menu, there is an option for data usage where you can set a data limit for the month and also keep track of how much data each app uses.

What’s more

There’s so much to Android and we should keep exploring the wonders it offers. Most importantly, we have to keep up with numerous updates being introduced.

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