September 07, 2015


Samsung’s S Health app


If you own a Samsung S4, S5 or an S6, then you have already found this app preinstalled. Word to the wise, install the updates available because there have been several improvements lately. If you haven’t had the chance to use it, try it and have a feel of this Samsung feature, here are the features you might enjoy:

Features available in the app

  1. Pedometer: this is the one feature you won’t find in any other device. Starting from the Galaxy S4, each flagship phone has a built-in pedometer that counts your footsteps as long as it’s activated, every little step, even when you walk to the bathroom. I was skeptical at first about battery consumption but after comparing battery life with the pedometer active and paused, there’s really not that much of a difference, maybe about 5% lost in a day.

I find this feature to be pretty accurate, but it works more accurately when paired with the Samsung Gear. Additionally, you can use it to calculate the calories consumed when exercising through cycling, hiking and running. It is basically an all-round tool for keeping fit.

  1. Food: yes, that’s the name of the feature. You simply enter the food you take for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between, and you take note of the calories you’ve taken. If you have a goal to maybe reduce, increase or maintain your weight, this app will help you do that.

This feature has a pretty large database and to date I haven’t found a dish or snack that isn’t in there.

  1. Hygrometer: this takes note of humidity and temperature levels. Far as I can tell, it’s also just pretty accurate, but it’s not an essential feature.
  2. Heart rate monitor: with an S5 or S6, you can take readings of your heart rate as you run or walk to monitor your blood pressure. This can be done even without the Samsung Gear, but for the S4, you’d have to have the Gear.

Final verdict

There are a few apps that may replace this apps, and maybe even work more accurately. Some good health apps include Google Fit, Fitbit and MSN Health & Fitness, too bad the latter is about to be discontinued. All in all, this app is great, and the fact that it comes preinstalled and doesn’t use up too much battery makes it the best health app in the market. The only problem is that unless you’ve got one of those flagship phones, too bad.

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