September 07, 2015


Lollipop update


Did you know there was an OS upgrade available? The top flagship phones can now upgrade to Android Lollipop 5.0.2 over-the-air (OTA), and the download is just about 1GB. Actually, this update has been live since early this year, and you’ve probably been receiving alerts on the same. I did too, but I was unwilling to make the leap after reading comments on some blogs that the upgraded OS was ‘laggy’ and quickly drained battery life.

So after months of being apprehensive, I finally bought the Galaxy S6 and I didn’t much rely on my previous S4 so I thought, what the hell. I upgraded my S4 and wow! The phone is now much more stable, no lags at all and despite all the complaints about battery life, the device now lasts even longer. I can only suppose Samsung modified the update, but I would seriously advise anyone still running KitKat to quickly update their device, and here’s why:

  1. Battery life: nobody wants to be walking around with a power bank or a charger everywhere, and this is why battery life is such a big deal. Android Lollipop was touted as a power saver and Google delivered.

In the past, I wouldn’t go to sleep with less than 20% power because the device would shut down and I’d miss the alarm. Now, even with less than 10%, I can go to sleep and wake up with the battery above 5%, sometimes it would even go up! So, update your OS and be more confident about your battery life.

  1. Graphics: Android Lollipop introduced ‘material design’, a concept of design that’s simple and less cluttered. Most apps have adopted this and their headers match with the colour of the notification bar, making for a prettier interface. Even the drop down menu and lock screen get a facelift.

The multitasking window also looks better and you can easily browse through open apps. Again, a big thumbs up to this improvement.

  1. Performance: I’d like to say that my phone is faster now, but if there’s actually any difference then it’s just slightly negotiable. Hey, at least performance didn’t go down right.

So, should you get it?

I’d ask everyone to get the update, the rumors are false. The advantages overweigh any downsides you may experience, making it worth having. If your device is a Galaxy S4, this will be the last system update you receive, for the S5 and S6 just wait a few weeks and get the Android M update once. It will be released soon and have even more features. In the meantime, you decide whether you really need the update.


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