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Antivirus comparison


There has been a rise in viruses on smartphones of late, but even more dangerous are spyware. A virus may cause your device to crash, and all your files are lost forever, spyware, though, are used to steal your information. Imagine someone gaining access to your naughty pics and credit card information, not pretty, just ask the celebrities with leaked photos.

To avoid all this kerfuffle, get an antivirus installed. There are a number, too, all good at scanning viruses, the only thing that’s left is finding one perfect for your device. I am only going to highlight the top qualities of each app, something that sets it apart from the rest.

AVG antivirus

This app has got a lot of ‘extras’, besides the security aspect. You can monitor your device’s battery consumption and close apps that are too resource intensive. Apart from that, data traffic can also be monitored and limits set, for example, if you don’t want to go past 1GB every week, the app will automatically turn off the data switch.

Avast security

This app has even more security additions, the web shield is a particular plus because it can scan and block malware before you even download it. On top of that, there is a firewall to block anyone who tries to access your device, your device has to be rooted, though, for this to work.

Security fanatics will also be glad to find the app locking feature available. This lets you lock individual apps with a password, protecting your personal information and pictures.

TrustGo antivirus

I like this app because of its backup features: text messages and call logs can be uploaded to the TrustGo servers where they will be secure. When you restore your device, you can restore these files to your device.

Bitdefender antivirus

This is the lightest app in terms of security, it keeps your device safe from malware without taking too much of a toll on performance or battery. It’s perfect for low end devices which don’t have much processor to spare.

Oh, and not to forget, it’s perhaps the best in detecting malware, but that’s just because its PC counterpart is so renown.

Kaspersky antivirus

There’s really nothing remarkable with this antivirus, and the advantage is it’s also pretty ‘light’ but still very effective. It even scans texts to protect you from phishing, these are texts with links which lead you to unsecure websites.

Choosing one that’s best for you

Because all apps are good at scanning and removing malware, the only difference comes in what’s the next most important thing to you. If you value cloud backup, choose either AVG or TrustGo and go for Avast Security.