Galaxy Note 4

July 28, 2015

Samsung produces the Galaxy Note line for professionals and business executives, those people who have to be in touch every minute. Although we can take advantage of the features it has. If you’re wondering about whether it’s worth its value, you have to first consider some of its advantages; and a few disadvantages.


  1. Latest android version

All Galaxy Note models usually get long-term support, even the Galaxy Note II released back in 2012 has a planned upgrade to the latest version. This is probably because they are made from quality materials intended to last very long; whatever the reason, you can be sure to always get the latest updates for a while, which makes it a phone worth investing in.

This device can also supports LTE networks so you get extremely fast internet connection for video calls and Skype. Furthermore, you get active noise cancellation to improve quality of voice calls.

  1. High quality display

The screen’s resolution is 1440 x 2560, QHD actually, which is very crisp. Additionally, 515 ppi pixel density on the already large 5.7 inch screen provides very clear images. Both these factors ensure the clarity for pictures and videos is very good, and protected by Corning Gorilla glass to prevent cracks when you drop the device.

  1. Processor, RAM and Storage

You’d expect a large device to contain great capacity, and it does; the Note 4 has 32GB internal memory, with an optional SD card slot supporting up to 128GB more storage. The RAM itself is 3GB, so you can run even the most demanding tasks and multitask when need be.

The processor on the Note 4 is no joke either, optional 1.3, 1.9 and 2.7 Ghz quad-core processors can perform any task you may have; the choice may depend on the amount and quality of work you intend to impose on the device.

  1. Long-lasting battery

The 3220 mAh battery is plenty capable of lasting you through the day; that is if you’re not constantly using it. It is still a very good battery for normal tasks.

  1. Camera

The Note 4 sports a 16MP rear camera and a 3.7MP front camera, both capable of taking excellent pictures. Feature-rich, you get clear pictures and videos thanks to the auto-focus feature and optical image stabilization and QHD quality at 2160 pixels, very good quality.


  1. Features

What sets apart the Note 4 above other devices in the same price range are the extra features, most notably the fingerprint sensor with which you can make purchases on PayPal without the need for a password. Besides that, there are essential health features like the heart rate monitor and pedometer which guide you through your exercises.


  1. Enormous screen

While watching videos on a larger screen is easier, I disapprove of its use in everyday tasks. With a 5.7 inch screen, you have to use both hands to reach the farthest corners which may be cumbersome. I suppose that is the reason it has a stylus pen included. But I digress, this is just a preference issue, I suppose someone else might prefer the larger screen.

  1. Quite expensive

With the cheapest model retailing above $500, it is definitely on the high-end category. But I can see why it would cost as much, with all the features, you would expect it to be pricy.

my remarks

While I dislike its size, the Galaxy Note 4 is a very good phone, packed with plenty of features and beautifully designed. It’s the perfect phone for those of us with vast needs or if you work on the go. Definitely worth its price tag.




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