data loss prevention

July 28, 2015

Despite the price of your device being relatively high, the real issue whenever you lose your smartphone or tablet is the data you had saved; this is why we need to keep our data secure. While there are many approaches to this, it will depend on your situation.

While you still have your device with you, you only need to keep your data safe, however, if you’ve lost your device, there’s no need protecting the information but instead just preventing someone from accessing it.

Before any accident happens

Backup data

Occasionally backing up data will keep your data safe in the event you lose your device or even a crash. Google only backs up your contacts, to save other data, you need to install a 3rd party app such as TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security which can store your messages, call logs as well as contacts.

If you want to save larger files, such as pictures and videos, you may need an app such as Dropbox or Google Drive for that. You get 5GB and 15GB free respectively and you have to pay for more.

Antivirus Software

Plenty of crashes in phones are caused by viruses and malware, though most people don’t realize how much this is prevalent. Android, particularly, being very popular has become a target for malware and antivirus developers alike; some of these may include AVG, AVAST and Kaspersky.

Some are malicious, causing instability to the system while others are used as spyware to collect your information. Whatever the reason, antivirus software protects you from such intrusions and keeps your data safe. Remember to keep your software updated because new malware are always being developed and you need to be up-to-date.

After your device is lost or crashes

Data recovery

It is always good to earn basic data recovery skills, or at least try one of the available software in case your device. If you are unable to perform the task on your own, find a professional who can help you.

Android Device Manager

If you don’t want to rely on 3rd party apps, which will probably cost you more fees, this feature will allow you to find your device when it gets lost or stolen. If you can’t locate it, you can lock the device remotely to prevent unauthorized access or wipe the device if you really don’t want anyone to access your files.

You can find this feature in your device’s settings but if you expect to enjoy the maximum benefits of the feature, you have to keep your location services and internet connection active.

Solution to data loss

There is no single solution that will cover all bases, rather, you need to apply several measures as listed above. The level in which you take it will be determined by how important you believe your information to be.


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