Cool phone settings July 28 2015, 0 Comments

One of the major reasons why Android users find it difficult to switch to other platforms is because of the flexibility of Android OS. If you’re new to the platform or maybe haven’t had time to explore for yourself, these are just a few cool settings that make the Android experience friendlier, or rather adjustable:

Make the phone appear faster

You can make your phone snappier by making the screen transitions quicker. I know most people find their phones to be slow because of the time it takes to transition between apps. It is, however, possible to hasten screen transitions and animations to make opening apps quicker.

From Android version Jellybean forward, the developer options are hidden, but you can activate it by navigating to About Phone in Settings, then tap on ‘Build number’ seven times, navigate back to the main settings page and you will see ‘Developer options’. Adjust the window and transition animation scales to .5x or turn them off completely.

Google Now

If you’re a sports fan or just like to be updated, google now will keep you abreast of any upcoming matches or major news updates. If you have android KitKat or Lollipop, you can access Google Now by swiping right from your home screen. From there, you can set your favorite team (s) and you will always be alerted when anything comes up regarding it. Earlier versions of Android also have Google Now though you have to press/touch the ‘Search’ icon.

Furthermore, with Google Now, you can search your phone or online by speaking. Android versions Lollipop and KitKat bring up Google Now by simply saying “Ok, Google” and you can give verbal commands for making phone calls, texting, setting alarms or taking notes. Other versions will allow you to do the same though you have to initiate the application by hand, not hands free.

Data and battery savings

If you don’t want to use way too much data on your phone, there are a few tips.

Turn off location services when you don’t need them because they require plenty of battery power.

Disable background data. From the ‘Mobile Data/Services’ option in settings, tap on the menu option to find two options, background data and auto-sync data. By disabling the latter, you will still receive notifications such as emails though new contacts and photos will not be uploaded. The former completely blocks any data exchange that isn’t initiated by you, therefore, you have to keep reloading email applications if you want to check for new mail. This option is very economical though it may make you miss important notifications.

Change icons

If you would like to give your phone an overhaul in color for icons, you may need to install a launcher. These apps act like themes and give your phone more functionality. Examples may be Go Launcher, Nova Launcher and Smart Launcher. They are similar in function but your preference may determine your choice.


Going forward

Inasmuch as the platform is flexible, there is a limitation when it comes to low-end phones; they aren’t capable of handling most apps and the memory gets filled very quickly. If you truly want to have fun with android, I suggest you go for a mid-level phone, preferably with Android KitKat because app developers tend to leave the older versions behind.