Why it's completely safe to send the phone to us instead using local fixing guys on the side of the road?

July 15, 2014

Man can imagine a life today without a girlfriend, but not without mobile. Mobile phones are the most important part of our life and without them we cannot even spend a single day. It’s now not only used for communication but is also used as a gaming device. For those who love games as a gaming device, like music player for those who love music, video player for those who love watching the video as nowadays smartphones have become bigger and come in screen size of 4-5 inches. This shows that this small device has many benefits. We teenagers love our phones, but are often a little bit irresponsible in taking care of them. We just use them roughly, toss them here and there and forget that they do cost a lot of hard earned money. And if they get damaged we feel quite bad and we usually never want that our devices should get damaged as this brings our communication to a stop. Well, no one would want that to happen. Thus, it is very important to take care of our smartphone.


There are instances in which sometimes we are in a hurry and our phone fallen from our hand or sometimes we forget that our phone is in our pocket, and we sit on our phone that damages it. Sometimes the water spills on our phone, and our smartphone gets damaged. We prevent our phone from any damages for which we use protective covers, but still our phone gets damaged.


When our phone gets damaged what we usually do first, we check whether our phone is in warranty and if it is not in warranty, then we find phone repair shops which are located on the roadside so that our phone gets repaired in less cost. But doing this, you are throwing your favorite smartphone in such a zone from where the chances of your phone coming back are very less. These local fixing guys on the sides of the road use duplicate parts, which are usually of lower quality and price. These parts solve the issue of the phone just on a temporary basis. Which means; they do not last for a longer time, which even damages the phone to a greater extent in the near future. Thus, it is important to give your phone at the right place.


If your smartphone is damaged or the screen is broken, we normally feel very bad, and Callcom is the right place, which understands this feeling and repairs your phone. Callcom is the one stop shop for all the issues regarding your phone in New Zealand. Our team consists of engineers who are experienced and professionals who provide the best solutions for your Samsung devices. Any issue whether the screen of the phone is broken or any issue with the internal parts we provide all original components so that you never face any future issues. The main objective of Callcom is to keep our customers happy and provide a fast service so you can enjoy the features of your phone soon as we all love our phones very much and can’t stay without them.


So any issues regarding your Samsung phone ranging from screen replacement to fixing internal issue Callcom is here at your service in New Zealand. Thus, it is safe to send the phone to us and not to those local repairers.

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