Explain after screen replacement work touch function will be as good as new

July 15, 2014

Imagine a moment when someone bumps into your car damaging the bumper and offers you a car replacement for damages. Yes a complete makeover as good as new. At CallCom we are dedicated to giving our customers the best service. We are based in New Zealand and have a team of professional Samsung Smartphone service personnel. As all these smartphones are touch screen, the most common issue faced by users touch input not working. The touch screen may start malfunctioning due to many reasons – maybe it got liquid spilled, may be the touch layer of the screen is damaged. And another big issue happens when a screen needs to be replaced – broken display. The touch screen is very delicate and may easily crack into pieces if it gets a shock. It may fall from a certain height, and the screen may shatter. All these unwanted incidents come with no warnings at all – if any of these happened to you, do not worry. You just drop us a message or email and our professional Samsung Smartphone service personnel will be there at your help. We provide all your Samsung Smartphone services needs under a single tree.


If you recently had your Samsung Smartphone screen replaced or your screen just got damaged – you may have searched the issue on Google, and seeing the results shocked you. Google has shown you results, saying touch not working properly after screen replacement, but hey, do not get afraid of losing your smartphone. That is wrong, your touch screen will work just like new after replacement, we promise. Some people may have gone through such bad experiences, but that is due to usage of low quality spare parts. At CallCom, we only use original Samsung spare parts – ensuring the best after service quality. Another reason behind malfunctioning of smartphone touch screens is – improper installation of the new touch panel. The touch panel may not work properly if the connectors are not placed in the right way. Our expert team of service personnel knows all these common issues better than anybody else so they will check everything before handing your smartphone over to you. Our service personnel do all these to ensure that the touch screen is functioning properly, and you are having no issues after you get your Samsung Smartphone serviced from us.


There are some other known issues happen after replacing a smartphone’s touch panel – one of them is improper calibration. Every device needs to be calibrated once a new hardware like touch panel is installed. But you do not need to worry about this precise calibration process – our service will do this and check the maximum accessibility of the touch panel. Sometimes your Samsung Smartphone’s software needs to be updated, or the device needs to be rooted. Our team member will root your device or update the software if needed after service. And as we use only original Samsung spare parts, our customers face almost no issues after replacing the screen. In New Zealand, we provide all services of Samsung Smartphones to keep kiwis tension free from worries about their smartphones. You can be pretty sure that after you replace the touch screen you’re going to have a new like touch experience.

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