What is an air bubble?

July 15, 2014

Most of us in the childhood would love to play with Air bubbles, however now that we are grown ups we may not like to do so. Right? And especially if its on your mobile screen. Air Bubbles are problematic on any screen, especially when you use a Smartphone with full touch display. But it is a very common problem also, and if not looked after in time it may lead to some damage to the display. Air Bubbles are small patches of air locked under the screen protector of your smartphone. If you are still using the older model of phone, then air bubbles are a subject to be looked upon seriously. Most of the older smartphones use resistive touch technology. In resistive touch the pressure put on the display senses technology touch. So the air bubble under the screen protector can reduce the sensitivity. But for newer phones, air bubbles are not that much bigger issue at all, because most of the modern smart phones use capacitive touch screens. In the case of capacitive touch screens – like the screens used on Samsung Smartphones – air bubble is not a big issue except reduced visibility. These locked pockets of air under the screen protector will not reduce your Samsung Smartphone’s touch sensitivity, but this may cause visibility issues with higher resolution display by blocking the view.


At present, there are several types of smartphone screen protectors to choose from. Some are applied on a wet surface while some are applied with glue. Regardless of the screen protector type – extreme care should be taken while sticking new screen protectors on your smartphone’s display. Air Bubbles get locked inside the display and the screen protector at the time of applying the new screen protector. So this is the only time you need to be cautious about air bubbles.


Air Bubbles locked under your screen protector are removable up to a certain extent. Air Bubbles under screen protector can be removed with great care and extreme patience. You can gently push the air bubbles under your screen protector with a tissue paper or something soft like that towards the end. You have to keep on pushing and pushing the air bubbles towards the closest side of your screen. But you have to be very careful about pushing the display. Smartphone displays are very delicate, and some extra pressure on it can damage the screen.


In most of the cases, air bubbles do not affect the display, but you should always be careful about air bubbles. If you think you can not get the job done by yourself, then our Samsung Smartphone service team is always there at your service. At CallCom, we have a team of expert engineers to give you the best repairing of your Samsung Smartphone in New Zealand. Besides air bubbles issue, we handle all sorts of trouble of your Samsung Smartphones. We provide you with A2Z service of your Samsung smartphone, so that you don’t need to buy a new phone once your current phone is damaged. So, if you find any problems on your Samsung Smartphone – you can drop us a message or email and our support team will contact you to give you support.

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