What is a blister on the corner July 15 2014, 0 Comments

Who likes a blister even in the corner? You ask any woman about a blister on the face and you will hear a big scream. So why should there be a blister on your smartphone. At CallCom we understand all your smartphone needs. We are providing Samsung Smartphone service in New Zealand with high customer satisfaction rate. Our team of professional Samsung Smartphone service personnel is always there to give you maximum support when your good smartphone goes bad. Most of the Samsung Smartphones use OLED Displays during some uses LCD. Smartphone users commonly use screen protector films to protect the display from dust, liquid spilling, dirt, etc. In the market, there are several types of screen protectors available.


The principle behind this screen protectors are very simple – they just stick to the screen using a type of glue and keep the screen away from dust, liquid spilling and dirt. A common issue most of the smartphone users face is –blister. No, no, this not the kind of blister we get after burn injury, this blister is an air pocket logged under the screen protector. These blisters are quite common. Most of the smartphones with a screen protector have blisters in it. These blisters are get trapped under the screen protector during the installation of the screen protector on your smartphone display. The job of sticking a new screen protector and keeping blisters away is very tough and takes a lot of expertise and patience. You can do this job yourself if you have enough expertise and experience. In case you do not have, and then you can drop us a message or give us a call for your service and our team will get back to you in the shortest time possible.


In most of the cases, the blisters tend to move towards the corner of the display. This happens as corners of displays are the less touched area of the display. These blisters under the screen guard will do no harm for your display. It will not reduce touch sensitivity by a single bit. You can use your device as you do. But it is always advised to change your screen protector once you notice too much of blisters. Sometimes these blisters may contain water vapor also. If you had a little bit of moisture on your screen and applied the screen protector without cleaning it, it may result in a blurry blister with water vapor in it. These blisters are removable – you can try to remove them.


To remove them, you can press the screen with a tissue paper or something soft. But it is advisable to do it with extreme care as the OLED or LCD of your Samsung Smartphone is very delicate, and you may tamper it by pressing too hard. We know that you bought your Samsung Smartphone with your hard earned money, and thus we give all sorts of support for your Samsung Smartphone. So that you do not need to buy a new one again. Troubles may happen anytime without any prior notice. So, if you find serious trouble with blisters in New Zealand, you can directly contact us and an expert team of Samsung Smartphone engineers will be at your doorstep to look after the issues.