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July 15, 2014 1 Comment

We all need support for various requirements, but never do we always get it. But what if someone goes an extra mile to support us online 24x7. At CallCom we always try our level best to give you the maximum support at your comfort. We have recently launched our online support section on our site. CallCom is one of the best repairing service providers for Samsung Smartphone’s in New Zealand. Our never ending effort to look after kiwi’s Samsung Smartphone’s is getting a very good response from our valued customers. Every day we get more and more calls and emails regarding our support service. At times, it becomes too tough for our small support team to handle all the issues timely. But, as we are committed to giving you the best service we have recently launched our online support. As our online support section is a new addition to our website, many users may find it a bit tough to use the online support service. But, still we have worked our best to keep our online support section very easy to use. Besides, we have added, a phone number where customers can send messages and our customer representative will get back to the customer in the shortest time possible.


Our online support section will help you troubleshoot the basic problems of your phone by yourself. And our online support will answer your questions regarding our services also. One more important feature of our online support system is – you can directly chat with our support personnel there. All you need to do is just visit our site, you will find a “Leave a Message” at the left bottom corner of the screen. Once you click the screen it will open a message box. You can write down your Name, email ID and the message there and click the send button. You can have a chat with our customer support service personnel there. If, no one of our customer support personnel is available at that moment, our site will automatically submit the message to our support team members. And our support team will get back to you at the earliest time possible.


There is one more way to get in touch with us – there is another red button saying “Contact Us” is located at the right bottom corner of our web pages. Once you click that button a new panel opens up. In this panel, you can enter your name, email ID and message. But this message is not for chatting with our online customer support team. Messages sent using this message box will be sent to our servers and our online customer support team will get back to you within the shortest time possible. The same panel where you enter the message has one more feature. This panel contains a web link of our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Page. You can go to the FAQs page and search for answers to your common questions.


As we are a small team and dedicated to giving you the best service of your Samsung Smartphone’s in New Zealand, we always give our 100% to serve you with your needs. And this time we have improved our site and added online support to give you support round the clock.

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February 17, 2015

Inquiring about phone repairs, no crack, touch screen working (able to receive calls via swiping screen), but NO display.

Thank you

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