Samsung S4

July 15, 2014

After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3, people expected something better from Samsung. They expected that the device when turned on should indeed turn them on!! It was not easy for Samsung; the Galaxy S3 was one of the best selling smartphones of the market, and it topped the list of Samsung. So the company launched Galaxy S4 at a tough time. The launching of Samsung Galaxy S4 was experimental for Samsung. Samsung hit the market with its new Samsung Galaxy S4 – packed with steel strong hardware and its signature, the huge, huge display.

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a 5-inch full HD display. The display technology is the same as in Galaxy S3 – AMOLED, but the resolution and pixel dimension are much higher. Samsung Galaxy S4 has a resolution of 1080X1920 pixels with 441 pixels per inch density. The moment you unpack your phone and turn it on, your phone will turn you on with its fabulous and vibrant display. You may say it’s a LED TV in miniature, and that is nothing wrong. Most of the AMOLED displays render a little bit of over saturated colors, but Samsung packs it with Adapt Display Technology. Adapt Display Technology optimizes the color saturation by adjusting it with the environment. Regardless of what you see on this display – text, image, video or web surfing – you will have an awesome experience. The display is very good for outdoor usage as it reflects less sunlight.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 looks almost like Samsung Galaxy S3, and you may confuse these two beauties from a certain distance. But the Samsung Galaxy S4 is much slimmer, thin and sexy. The phone is built using polycarbonate. Polycarbonate makes this phone a strong and tough one. The phone does not feel bulky like most other devices of 5-inch screen. This slim and trim look of this phone helps it staying a phone rather than becoming a tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a camera that is much more improved than its earlier models. It comes with a 13 Mega Pixel Camera. The LED flash is located right under the camera lens. The camera is all set to give you a mobile photography experience you can’t even imagined earlier. Just take the beast outdoors with you and click photos. The camera is also very good for macro photography. It can click a point of a needle with extreme precision. Over the entire phone gives you sharp and precise images regardless of the shooting light quality.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean is the latest version of Android OS during the time of the phone’s launch. It is also packed with TouchWiz user interface. Touch Wiz gives you the best touch phone using experience so far. The phone also supports touch pen input. With touch pen, you can do a lot of things you never even expected. With touch pen, you can create funny drawing, photo manipulations without any professional editing or computing device. Overall you will not spend your hard earned money by investing it in Samsung Galaxy S4. And if you have and need additional repairs for broken screen or camera errors, is the destination for best repairs with quality and time.

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