S4 Mini

July 15, 2014

S4 mini is a cool Smartphone to own. Just don’t go by the name. S4 Mini is not Mini at all. It is a handheld phone with a normal size to make it easy to carry and operate as well. You really do not need special pockets to hold them.

It is an optional dual SIM phone which supports 2G, 3G and 4G network options depending on the user’s need for speed. S4 Mini is a touch screen with multi touch sensing support. Touch it to see it happen. It owns 16M colours which lead in having sharper and better image quality. The screen is made of thick glass which is not easily breakable.

S4 Mini has three modes of alerts: vibrations, inbuilt ringtones and the MP3 songs that are uploaded and accordingly used by the user. S4 Mini has a loud speaker as well. The best thing is that it comes with 1.5 GB RAM which makes it quite fast to use and an internal 8 GB memory. An external memory of up to 64 GB can be used in this. The user can download movies, songs and clips and watch them leisurely without any interruptions. Useful for cost cutting personal expenses!

It is equipped with 8MP camera with a high resolution, LED flash and an auto focus function. One can take as many selfies as they want and upload them on social media. It comes with geo-tagging option. Face-detection function makes the camera easy to use and the panorama function allows covering a wide range thus making the click bigger and better. Video recording can be done in high definition. This phone is backed up with super cool technology that will not leave the user disappointed at all.

S4 Mini has GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, infrared-port and USB all these latest functions make the phone simply irresistible. The user can connect from anywhere and is always on a go when it comes to work. It makes the user’s life easy and efficient. Wondering about the battery back-up given the list of features it holds? The battery life is amazing. The average battery life for talk time is approximately 12 hours, for music it is roughly 49 hours given the user’s connection.

S4 Mini is backed by Android with HTML5 browser facility. It has radio option and comes in a variety of colours to choose from. The user can select according to their taste and trend. It also comes with various image/video editing options, MP3 and MP4 players, Google, YouTube and all such softwares which are a must haves for all the smart phones.

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So if you are on a watch for an affordable, mini smart phone which is loaded with all the latest functions then your wait ends here.

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