How to jailbreak June 04 2016, 0 Comments

There are many reasons people jailbreak their devices, and why developers keep providing jailbreaks for iOS devices. It’s actually like a cat and mouse gamedevelopers play with Apple, with the former creating jailbreaking software and Apple pushing software updates. This is important for Apple because jailbreaks show them where their system is vulnerable to threats and the developers can gain a reputation for exceptional hacking skills.

Before going on with the article, check out our blog on the topic to help you decide whether this is the best solution for your needs. If you’re still interested, here’s how to go about it:

Although iOS is now updateable to iOS 9.3.2, jailbreaking is only available for iOS 9.0.2 and below. Unfortunately, if you’re already updated to the latest version, there’s no way to downgrade because Apple are no longer signing previous iOS versions. It is, therefore, impossible to jailbreak if your device is running anything higher than iOS 9.0.2, for now.

  1. Download the Pangu jailbreak tool here to your PC or Mac. The program is free and doesn’t require installation
  2. Turn on Airplane Mode and connect your device to your PC or Mac using the lightning cable and backup your data using this guide
  3. Go to your device’s settings and disable passcode/touch ID. Also turn off Find my iPhone
  4. Launch the Pangu application you downloaded in Step 1 and run it as an administrator
  5. The program will attempt to detect your device, and when it’s ready it will inform you
  6. Click on ‘Start’ from the application, then click on ‘Already Backup’ in the next window
  7. Your device will restart when progress reaches 55%
  8. At 65%, the application will prompt you to re-enable Airplane mode again
  9. At 75%, the application will prompt you to run the Pangu app on your device, it should be available on your home screen
  10. Allow access to your Photos app when the application requests for it
  11. Keep waiting for the progress to continue on your PC
  12. Pangu on your desktop will inform you when the jailbreaking process is complete and you can now unplug your device and turn off Airplane mode
  13. A new app, Cydia, should now be installed, open it and wait as it is ‘Preparing Filesystem’. The app will then ‘Respring your device’

That’s it.