iPhone camera tips and tricks

June 04, 2016

The iPhone camera is one of the major selling points for Apple, and it really is an amazing camera even if it’s the only camera you have. However, there are a number of tricks you can use to make your camera experience a lot better and make full use of the feature.

Quick access to the camera

Even though the iPhone camera has got a very fast shutter speed to capture even tiny details quickly, swiping around your homescreen to get to the app can prevent you from capturing those fleeting moments. There are a few ways to quickly open the app:

  • From the lock screen: at the bottom-right corner is a camera icon, touching it and swiping up will launch the camera and you can start snapping
  • Siri: you can also ask Siri to launch the camera, then you can manually take the photos you want
  • 3D touch: pressing firmly on the camera icon will display several options, and you can then jump straight to the kind of camera you want, slo-mo, video, selfies or regular photo, without having to swipe

Quick edit photos

The Photos app contains plenty of features to edit photos, but the Camera app itself can make a few changes if you want to share the image immediately. Just tap the thumbnail of the photo or video you like and you can make some quick tweaks to it right there.

Lock focus and exposure

The iPhone camera is also very fast to change focus as you move the device around the scene. However, if you just want to stick to a specific subject or exposure level, simply touch the subject and hold your finger there until an ‘AE/AF Lock’ banner appears. With that, you can still keep the subject at the edge of the frame but still in focus.

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