Do you need another web browser? June 04 2016, 0 Comments

The iPhone comes preloaded with Safari as the default browser, and for the most part, it’s good enough. Other major web browser developers in the game include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, with the Opera Mini variant as well. There are also numerous other web browsers, and that increases the number of options significantly. However, we’re going to stick with the big 3, Safari, Chrome and Firefox, and try to determine whether you need to download a second browser. After all, you wouldn’t want your iPhone bogged down by multiple web browsers.


This browser is made by Apple, and that alone should tell you what to expect: the interface is clean and it has most features. however, Apple don’t like to cram a lot of features into their devices or apps, and you might lack some features that may be available in other browsers.


Google, too, have been refining their apps to make them neat and organized, they even changed their logo to show this transformation. As a result, Chrome browser also has a very nice interface and menu bars that disappear so you can concentrate on the web page itself. For navigation, they’ve included nifty swipe gestures, a swipe from left to right to go back and vice versa. There are also plenty of tools from the menu button to provide added features.

The greatest advantage, however, is that it synchronizes with Google browsers on all devices, so it’s easy to pick up from one device to the other. Furthermore, all passwords and bookmarks are stored and synchronized so you don’t have to enter passwords on different devices. When it comes to speed, this browser is just as fast as Safari, and there is not much difference.


This browser contains similar features to those on Chrome, with a few differences in design of the interface. Unfortunately, I find it to be a bit slower to load pages than Safari and Chrome, although the difference is only slight. Still, why opt for a browser that’s any slower and with no other advantages?

Final verdict

I admit I’m a bit biased, being a Chrome fan for years, and proud of all the new improvements. But the choice boils down to the browser you normally use on your computer. Chrome and Firefox users will appreciate the continuity from one device to the other, and Mac users will like the simplicity of the browser.

So, back to the main question, you would definitely need another web browser if you spend a lot of time browsing the web. Safari simply does not have enough features, and the continuity between devices will help you navigate faster with Chrome or Firefox.