Apple Watch

June 04, 2016

Although Apple are usually on the forefront of technology, releasing new tech that other companies end up adopting, the Apple Watch came much later after Samsung introduced their smart watches. Nevertheless, when the Apple Watch did come out, it was remarkable, probably because they avoided all the mistakes Samsung as well as other Android companies had made. So what makes this smart watch so good?


The challenge with the small display is on creating content, how would you send messages without typing? That’s where Siri comes in, accepting voice commands for various tasks. What’s more, she’s very accurate to understand what you say, even if you have a somewhat unique accent.

Already several apps are compatible with Apple Watch including Mail, WhatsApp and Twitter, making it useful for receiving and sending messages without touching your iPhone.

Health data

Equipped with a heart rate monitor and several other sensors, the Apple Watch is able to determine your daily activities and keep track of them. It records the time you spend sitting, walking and running automatically, cataloguing all these into visual rings you can easily understand. Besides these, it is possible to track your workouts by choosing various exercises, allocating the appropriate sensors for that particular activity.

Splash resistance

With all the capabilities of the smart watch, nothing could put a bigger damper on the experience than having to cover it up because of rainfall. Which is why Apple designed their smartwatch to be resistant to water. Even though Apple don’t tout the Apple Watch as being fully water proof, it is capable of withstanding dips in water and even swimmers have been known to take a dive with it for long periods.

Interchangeable bands

Apple products are usually produced with specific colours, but the Apple Watch allows wearers to choose the band of their choice. From leather to nylon, steel and other materials, there is a band for everyone. This will allow you to use your Apple Watch however you like without being bound by Apple’s standards.

Reasonable battery life

Where your iPhone has difficulty getting through the day, Apple Watch can keep going without a recharge and can last you the entire day and perhaps more. By making the battery life so effective, the Apple Watch is a valuable accessory for anyone looking to keep fit or extend their iOS experience.

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