Apple Pay June 04 2016, 0 Comments

Originally developed to be used at checkout points in various stores, the service has extended far beyond its initial use, providing even more uses. Among these include:

Store purchases

This uses your device’s NFC connection and all you need to do is hold your device close to the reader with your finger on the fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately, NFC is only available on the iPhone 6, 6s and SE, and this won’t work with earlier iPhone models.

Apple watch

Even though NFC is not available for the iPhone 5 and 5s, these devices are compatible with Apple Watch and that can be used with Apple Pay. You will then only need to double-click on the side button on the watch then hold the display against the contactless reader. The watch responds by vibrating gently, letting you know the process has been successful.

In-app purchases

When you need to make an in-app purchase, say, buy some more lives on Candy Crush, there’s no longer need for entering your credit card details. Just select Apple Pay as the payment method and use your fingerprints to verify the purchase.

How secure is Apple Pay?

You should always be wary whenever any person or company asks that you provide them with your credit card information, which is exactly what Apple Pay is doing. When the service was launched, Apple claimed that the service was actually much more secure than traditional credit cards, and it is.

Usually, making purchases with a credit card involves taking out your card, thereby exposing your details. Apple Pay, instead, when you add your card to Wallet, a unique device account number is generated and stored in a secure element on the iPhone - your credit card information is not stored. This is the information that is sent to merchants whenever you make a purchase, and your information is not shared.

How Apple Pay is performing

It was launched last year in the US, and quickly caught on, extending to more than 220,000 stores. It was later launched in the UK, Canada and Australia, but growth there has been slow, facing a lot of problems. Nevertheless, any problems with the service lie with people’s perception and not with the system itself that has proven to be secure and effective so far.