iPhone 7 rumours

June 03, 2016

iPhone releases have always been a big news item that many people await anxiously. However, last year’s flagships, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, did not sell as well as any of their predecessors. This was probably because the new devices didn’t have a lot more to offer compared to previous devices. No company like to see a drop in sales, and you can expect some radical changes in the iPhone 7 this September. Of course, none of Apple’s executives have said anything, but we can still speculate about some possibilities:

Wireless charging?

This feature has become commonplace for most flagship android smartphones these days, but Apple have never made use of it to date. Wireless charging works through inductive coupling, and there have been rumours of Apple making use of resonant inductive coupling which may allow wireless charging even at a distance. Of course, this technology is still a long ways down the road, but Apple can still pull it off.

Water proofing

This is another feature Apple are still yet to implement, but they have done something close to it with the Apple Watch. Called splash proofing, it protects the Apple Watch from water and has proven to be quite effective even if you take a swim with it. Usually, water resistance in Samsung and Sony devices makes use of nano coatings that may not be in line with Apple’s environmental policies. This is why it has taken them so long, and water resistance would truly be a revolutionary addition.

True tone

Introduced in the new iPad Pro, this feature uses 2 ambient light sensors, one for amount of light and the other for colour temperature. The result is an adjustment of the tone of the picture displayed that makes the image look more natural whether you’re inside or outdoors.

The headphone jack

Although the port itself is quite small, it occupies a lot of space inside where the headphone jack is housed. Apple have always been trying to make their devices as thin as possible, and every inch is very important. The rumour is that the new headphone jack will be inserted into the lightning port instead, avoiding the need for many ports.


Of course, every generation of the iPhone is better than the last, and you should expect nothing less from the iPhone 7. It will probably sport a newer Apple A10 chip as well as a better camera, probably one that will rival the picture-taking capabilities of a DSLR.

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