Siri tips and tricks June 02 2016, 0 Comments

Activate Siri with your voice

Siri now has a “Hey Siri” feature that opens Siri by simply asking it to open. The feature is available in the settings and can be turned either on or off when you don’t need it. However, it usually requires the iPhone to be plugged in to a charger, but the latest iOS devices can use “Hey Siri” when unplugged.

Use Siri for your activities

Siri can work with your calendar, and you can use it to set up appointments, alarms, timers and even to check the time. Quickly asking Siri to set reminders about something or alarms at a certain time will add them to your calendar.

Create iMessages using Siri

It is now even possible to create entire texts messages using just dictation, and even have incoming texts read to you. Simply open Siri by either holding the home button down or saying “Hey Siri”, from there you can simply tell Siri you want to send a message and she will ask you to dictate the message. To listen to messages, open Siri and ask her to check your messages, once you select one, she will read it out loud.

Siri with Maps

While you’re driving or walking to a certain location, you probably don’t want to be using your iPhone by hand, and Siri is there to help. You can ask her for information about your travel like asking “ETA” to find out how much longer it will take. If you have already set your home’s location, you can use commands like “Take me home” to get directions home from wherever you are.