S6 vs. LG G4

May 10, 2016

One is large and simple while the other a bit smaller but packed full of features. Samsung have always seemed to be the only Android smartphone manufacturer willing to take chances and experiment, as you shall see in this comparison.


As with its predecessor, the G4 maintained the 5.5-inch form with a removable leather back. Sammy switched from this design and shifted to the glass and metal design we have now become used to. This makes the S6 feel more premium in the hand and to look at, despite the drawbacks of glass. Therefore, Samsung clearly wins in design.


The expandable storage of the G4 is still a major advantage, with LG users being able to expand their smartphone memory quickly and affordably. Samsung users, however, have to stick to what they get, with the choice between 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Consequently, this round goes to the G4.


To make the S6 as slim as possible, the battery too had to be reduced in size, and that was a real disappointment. The G4, with its curved back, allows for a bigger battery that would comfortable power you through 2 days compared to the S6's single day usage. Another round for the G4.

User interface

Samsung finally streamlined the buggy TouchWiz and the new skin is just as smooth as LG's user interface. However, the ability to apply themes to TouchWiz and make it out to whatever you want give it an edge and make it a clear winner.


LG's cameras have always been superb, but so have the Samsung's. Question is, which company did more last year. Well, Samsung incorporated a dual-tone flash and a wider aperture to capture better shots in low light. LG used laser focus to improve the speed at which the camera took pictures, but both have a 16MP resolution. The results are a tie, the two companies used different technologies but the pictures were always great in either device.


We don't even need to get into details before you can already guess, right. LG have always prided their devices in simplicity but Samsung have always tried to add as many features as possible. The S6 has a pedometer, heartrate monitor, SpO2 reader and fingerprint sensor while the G4 has none. No question who the winner is in this round.

Final verdict

The S6 is easier to hold because of its smaller size yet it's packed with features, LG, on the other hand stuck to a traditional design and virtually no unique features. Unless you just like to restrict yourself to the bare necessities, you can't argue against the Galaxy S6's dominance.

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