The Galaxy S6 vs. HTC M9 May 10 2016, 0 Comments

Metal vs. glass, simple vs. complex, different philosophies in design face each other head to head to determine the champion. Both released early last year the Galaxy S6 and the HTC M9 are remarkably different with the only similarity being an Android operating system. If you're looking to buy an Android device, you will probably have to face the choice between these two device, let's look at how they differ:

User interface

Although both running the latest version of Android, Marshmallow, their manufacturers have tailored the OS to suit their philosophies. HTC Sense is clean and simple without many options to modify icons or edit themes; basically, you just have to let HTC give you what they feel is best. With Samsung, however, you can change any aspect of the interface by changing fonts and even themes; which means one S6 won't look similar to the other. I find the Samsung approach more superior, and give the title to the S6.


The HTC design team make a truly premium device, and had this been a comparison with the Galaxy S5, I would have panicked. Samsung last year also paid special attention to design and came up with another premium looking device, except it had glass instead of aluminium on the HTC, hence, the S6 was lighter.

HTC, though, with their front-facing speakers make the S6 tremble. The HTC has much better sound quality that is enjoyable when listening to music or watching Netflix. In design, therefore, HTC still takes the cake.


Although the S6 has a quad-HD display compared to the HTC's full-HD display, you won't notice any difference. Both screens are extremely clear and crisp regardless of the media you're watching. In fact, only the screen technology differs, with the HTC using an IPS LCD display and Samsung sticking to AMOLED. As usual, LCD has more natural colours while AMOLED's pictures are brilliant and sometimes saturated. Although there isn't a major difference, I still prefer Samsung's quad-HD display simply because it's cooler.


Although HTC didn't use their ultra-pixel camera on this device, the camera on the M9 wasn't any better. Sure, it has a higher resolution, but picture quality is still better on the S6.


HTC M9 offers better battery life, easily giving you more than a day's use while you can count yourself lucky to make it through the day with a Galaxy S6. To compensate, however, Samsung included quick and wireless charging facilities, but nothing compares to a trustworthy batter. Clearly Samsung failed in this respect.

Which should you choose

The HTC M9 is meant for someone who likes to consume media with friends, so if you like to watch a movie or listen to music with your friends, you would go for the HTC. However, the S6 is better in most other aspects, and as long as you're conservative with your battery usage, you won't experience any problems with your S6.