Make money from your smartphone May 07 2016, 0 Comments

Your device can be more than just a silly expense that contributes to the monthly bills, you can turn it into a profit maker. Smartphones have amazing capabilities and thus various avenues of making money. No matter your expertise, there’ always something you can do with it.


If you’re a writer and would like to turn your passion into profit, you can do it right from your smartphone. There are several avenues writers may utilize to make some money, and while typing on your gadget may not be as comfortable as a keyboard, a smartphone will work when you’re away from your workstation.


This is an app, available from the Play Store and is used by bloggers. Blogger is available online from a PC or Mac by simply logging in with your Google ID, and it is among the top blogging platforms in the world.

From the app, you can edit your blogs, publish them and even respond to comments and reactions from your readers. So why blogger? Google pays you for every visitor that visits your blog and to keep them coming, you will need to keep publishing and interacting with readers. The mobile app will keep you in the loop even when you’re not sitting in front of a computer and keep the money rolling in.

Freelance writing

This is a multi-billion-dollar industry right now, and there are plenty of such websites that connect clients to writers, so whether you write blogs, recipes, short stories, novels, whatever, there is a market for your skills. One such app is the Upwork Messenger that is for online writing services. Writers can submit their proposals to potential clients and communicate within the app which makes for an easier process.

Web development

Apps like weebly help create websites and manage them right from your smartphone. It is easier to use that professional tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Muse because of its user-friendliness. Creating a website on weebly is as easy as creating a word document with extra features.

To get full functionality from the app, a tablet is more effective, you can see the overview of the website and see a preview of your website. Weebly also allows you to manage the website, make changes and even upload the website for free; while free hosting has limited functionality, you can decide to pay and enjoy the full benefits.


Social marketing is the most effective method of advertisement, with most people being registered on one social site of another. You can reach out to more people on-the-go from your device through apps such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and continue making money even away from home.


Smartphone cameras are now capable of going as high as 20MP which is as effective as an average digital camera and shoot up to 4K videos. Most people waste these resources by taking selfies or pictures of their breakfast but if you’re smart, you could turn this passion into a profit. There are several places you could sell your photos and videos afterwards such as Shutterstock and Photobucket to earn a few bucks.

Mobile money

Although a relatively new concept, it is catching on fast. M-Pesa, for example, is gaining popularity within Africa, Europe and India. With these mobile-based money transfer services, you can send and receive money to and from other users, pay bills and lots more from your phone. These services are useful for transacting in business in a more secure and convenient form.

Online shopping

Sellers and buyers alike may benefit from shopping from their devices, I especially enjoy bidding on Ebay auctions from my phone. You can keep track of your packages as they are being shipped or get notified when someone makes a purchase of your item, which is way easier than always checking your profile.

Moving forward

There are also some more specific apps, developed by companies for their own services such as investment and insurance, just so many I can’t mention them all. I would just say that it’s important to make the most out of your device, and at least make the investment worthwhile.