Essential accessories May 07 2016, 0 Comments

It is very difficult to enjoy your device without the assistance of other accompanying accessories. That way you get to enjoy your device’s facilities even more. Music, for one, is hardly enjoyable through the device’s speaker because it’s made for ringing when you receive a call and perhaps listening to a song or two. But you can’t use it in public, and the quality isn’t good. You need other external accessories in order to enjoy your music and videos:


Every device has a pair of headphones that are sold with the device, and high-end models of Samsung devices have pretty good ones so you won’t need to buy Beats by Dre or whatever. In fact, they may even be better; while BeatsTM may produce better music quality, they don’t have the added features such as headset and volume control.

If you’ve ever gone jogging with your device, you know how important these features can be, that you don’t have to be taking your phone out every time you want to pause music or increase the volume when your favorite song begins playing. And you can answer calls directly from the headset which could be very handy.

Bluetooth accessories

Bluetooth has been in use for a very long time and it still hasn’t been extinct, as a matter of fact, this technology has been streamlined further to make it even more efficient. The latest Bluetooth version, 4.0, is faster and requires less power, no longer draining the battery as previous versions did. It can be used on various devices:


You’ve probably seen these or maybe even have one, it’s a small device that hangs from one ear and can be used for music or phone calls. They are very useful when driving or performing other tasks that require both your hands. A good one is capable of up to 12 hours of talk-time, which is more than enough considering no one spends that much time on the phone in a day, I believe.


These have become very popular, and the most popular brand is the BeatsTM Pill which you’ve probably seen in some music videos. I have one myself and have to say, it’s really nice; I don’t have to worry about power cables anymore, and I don’t have to stop using my phone. I suggest anyone who’s still uncertain to get one immediately.

Docking stations

If you don’t have a Bluetooth enabled speaker or home-theatre system, you can still enjoy music from your phone through a docking station. By placing your device on the docking station, your music is played through the speakers while your device charges, kind of like a double advantage.

Moving on

There are plenty more devices that can be used with android devices, such as gamepads and flash drives, but they have already been covered. Android devices, especially, are very flexible and tend to be accommodating to various accessories, unlike Apple devices which may be ‘choosy’, I suppose that’s the reason most accessory manufacturers tend to aim at the android market.