Must-have apps May 07 2016, 0 Comments

Most Android device produced in the past 3 years have at least a dual-core processor and a 1GB RAM, yet most users underutilize this power, using only the preinstalled apps. To help you better utilize your phone’s capacity and maybe improve your android experience, here are some apps that can help. And if you’re new to the Android scene, maybe you’re migrating from another platform, these should help you along:

Multimedia apps

All devices have music and video apps, though they don’t have as many features as 3rd party apps. My favorite music app is Poweramp music player, mainly because it offers greater flexibility. So why do I like it despite there being tons of other similar apps?

  1. You can select specific folders you would like to be scanned, unlike the default app which searches all folders. This will prevent inclusion of unnecessary audio files; I usually exclude audiobook files, ringtones and other audio clips.
  2. Choose your theme from a wide variety, so you can get exactly what you like
  3. Queue music, useful if you’ve got a huge collection and want to play only specific songs

For videos, I recommend MX Player. It allows you to play most video formats, including ‘mkv’ and ‘flv’. It also has other features which make watching videos more enjoyable, definitely a must-have.

Another app I use a lot is Smart Audiobook Player because I have plenty of audiobooks. You can add bookmarks and resume books from where you left, no need to search for the position every time. If you don’t already have audiobooks, Audible is a nifty app, connected to your Audible account, you can purchase audiobooks and listen to them right there.

Office apps

If you use your device for preparing Word, Excel or PowerPoint presentations and documents, you need an additional app because most devices don’t have the capability to open such documents by default. Apps such as Docs To Go, Polaris Office and OfficeSuite allow you to open and edit these documents. OfficeSuite is especially friendly on smaller displays, if you don’t have a tablet. They can also open PDF documents, which are very common and secure.

Social apps


If you like to chat with friends by text, this is the best app for you. Requiring only a data connection, you don’t need to pay extra for text messages. You can create groups too over which you can share pictures and videos. Furthermore, making voice calls is now possible with the latest update. To make it even easier to use, you can access it on your computer by visiting


Share pictures with the world instantly and connect with friends. It offers variety of filters that you can use to edit photos before uploading them.

Other essential apps


Don’t like receiving calls from unknown callers, this app will search for the identity of the caller from their database, displaying it before you take the call. You can also search for the identity of a person if you only have their number, important if you want to conduct business over the phone.


Don’t know the identity of a catchy tune, search the identity of a song when you hear it. You get the name of the song, artist and even lyrics. If you really like it, buy it on Amazon from the link provided.

moving on

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the apps being developed and updated daily, that’s why I made this compilation of essential apps that will always serve you, without the need to search for alternatives.