Prevent unwanted touches May 07 2016, 0 Comments

I get frustrated when I’m in the middle of a phone call and accidentally touch the ‘Back’ or ‘Home’ button, and I found this to be actually a very common problem among people. Good news, however, with a simple app, you can download an app from the Play Store that will temporarily disable the touch functionality when you don’t want it. There are many options though which serve a similar function, and here are the most popular:

Touch block apps

  1. Touch blocker/ Disable Touch

This application offers of options in terms of locking/unlocking procedure and you can dictate which areas you would like blocked. Though you can get the app for free, there is an option to ‘Donate’, which is more like purchasing, and you then get more features. Like the overlay option which produces an overlaid display from where you can lock or unlock the touch panel.

  1. Touch blocker

Unlike the first one, this one is completely free, and you still get all the functionality. Additionally, this app is unique because you can set zones where you don’t want touch to be blocked. While it may certainly be a bit more complicated, you can utilize the dead zones that have been predetermined by the developer.

As an added function, the app filters the screen when you’re reading, lowering brightness and protecting you against glare.

  1. Touch Lock - Screen Blocker

I find this to be the easiest to use, in terms of interface. It is simple and thus easy to understand although you might compromise on functionality as it doesn’t have as many features as the others. On the other hand, it is now compatible with the latest android version, Lollipop, a feat that the others haven’t been able to accomplish.

  1. UnTouch - Baby Touch Blocker

One of the most popular touch blockers, it can be used to lock not only apps but also browsers, YouTube and Netflix. This wide functionality is what makes it a favorite. You can also lock volume buttons so you watch your movie uninterrupted. I like that the power button doesn’t lock, just in case you’re unable to unlock, which could be disastrous. Such backup features make it even more user-friendly.

  1. TouchGuard (Touch Panel Lock)

While it doesn’t have the prettiest interface TouchGuard performs its function effectively. It might perhaps even be the best because it automatically locks the touch panel when you receive a phone call, if you choose, which is extremely useful. You don’t have to bother pulling down the notification bar, just set which apps you want to trigger the screen lock operation.

Best option

I suppose I prefer to have the commands already set, rather than always activating or deactivating, which is why I favor TouchGuard. For this reason, I can do with a relatively mediocre interface, because I won’t have to use it anyway. However, if you prefer a neat and well organized interface, UnTouch would probably be the best option for you. If your device has Android Lollipop system you will have no option but go for Touch Lock since none of the others are compatible with it yet.

And a warning, keep away from the launch when you boot, which starts the app when the system is booted, I nearly rendered my device unusable. Manually start the app yourself, that way, in case of an error, rebooting the phone will solve the problem.

Going forward

In the end, the final decision would depend on what matters most to you and if you’re willing to pay for the extra functionality. These apps are very useful though I would warn you against installing more than one, because their activities could interfere with one another.