The new TouchWiz

May 04, 2016

The number one complaint by Samsung users in the past had been the lagginess of the TouchWiz skin. As you know by now, Samsung created TouchWiz to personalize android to their style, but this skin was ‘heavy’ and caused high-end devices to hang or switch task slowly. I used to hate it, myself, and I always had to have a launcher installed to try and speed up the device. This isn’t the case anymore, though, and TouchWiz is arguably the best skin on Android devices presently. Samsung finally did something about it and made changes in the right direction in the following ways:

  1. Light and unobtrusive: multitasking used to be stressful and would take a few seconds before the multitasking window appeared. Now, it just springs up immediately regardless of the task or application you were running. I suppose this might be because of the new 64-bit chip installed in the new devices that’s much faster or the increased RAM, but the system now seems to be working flawlessly.
  2. Smooth transitions: opening apps, unlocking the device, all actions are smooth due to the smooth transitions in the system. This might be a small improvement but it makes operating the device continuous and even hides the normal delay that would otherwise be there when opening apps.
  3. Removal of funky animations: Samsung used to be known for some funky animations when opening apps and switching menus. These were largely useless and only created inconsistency. Remember how the quick settings menu in the notification shade would move around when you opened it? Completely useless, but now that’s gone, along with plenty more.
  4. Improved icons: maybe they hired new graphic designers or just got serious, the new app and menu icons now look more respectable and elegant. In the past, icons would come on all sorts of colours and appear jumbled, but now there is a lot more consistency in icon colour and shape. A very welcome change.
  5. Themes: if you still want variety, a theme store is available that will transform your device into whatever you desire. This has effectively eliminated the need for a launcher and that means less stress and cost.

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