Secure files with private mode

May 04, 2016

It has always been a challenge to secure specific files from access within your devices. First android tried using an accounts-based system with a Kids mode that would restrict access, but that only made matters more complicated. Locking the device with a password, PIN, pattern or fingerprint has always been effective. But what do you do when you need to hand your device over to someone for a specific task, how do you restrict the most confidential files?

Well, Private mode is here to remedy such cases. It is available in Android Lollipop onwards on Samsung devices and is designed as a built-in system to hide files from view. In the past, you had to install a 3rd party app for that, but that would be too obvious, private mode is a lot more discreet.

How to turn on private mode

  1. Go to Settings and select Privacy and safety
  2. Select Private mode
  3. Turn on the toggle
  4. Once done, you will be prompted to select an authentication mode, which could be a PIN, password, pattern or fingerprint (if your device has it)
  5. Then select where you would like to use Private mode and this could be in your Gallery, Videos app, Music, etc.

How to use private mode

  • Whenever you are in one of the apps supported by private mode, select Morefrom the top right corner and select private mode
  • Apps moved to private mode will only be accessible after the appropriate authentication has been provided

When is this feature useful

Private mode is most useful for hiding specific files from prying eyes, but it does not provide total security for the most sensitive information. For that, you may have to make use of Samsung My Knox app, and you can find more details on that here.

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