Samsung My Knox explained

May 04, 2016

Some people want absolute security, My Knox caters to those individuals’ needs. Android had been lagging behind in terms of security, and if one needed absolute security, they had to acquire a separate Blackberry device which provided enhance security. However, Blackberry is on its way out and people want to everything they need on their personal devices.

Welcome Samsung Knox.

There are various apps on the market that allow you to lock specific apps and files with a password, but all these work above the system. Imagine android as the foundation that all apps are built upon, all your apps and files are built above the Android system, and that leaves your data open to access from a professional.

Knox provides a completely different platform, one that goes below the Android system and is completely secure. Programmers call this process containerization, whereby the Android system is in a separate container from the Knox system. That isolates Knox from Android and protects it from any vulnerability it may have.

Let’s do away with the complex part, you don’t need to know all that because it is quite simple to use Knox. All you will need is to download the My Knox app from the Play Store and install it on your device. Once you have the app, go through the setup process and secure it with a password or PIN; for more security, make the PIN different from the one you use to unlock your device. You can set up My Knox with your files, emails and documents, and none of these will be accessible outside My Knox.

Who is Knox meant for

Simply put, for those who have something to hide. I may have the app installed on my device but I don’t have much use for it. This is for use by company guys who work on confidential files that should absolutely not be seen by anyone else. The system has been so successful that even government officials have approved of its use as well as IT professionals.

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