Even more reason to do away with antivirus apps May 04 2016, 0 Comments

I have, on more than one occasion, stated by lack of confidence in antivirus apps on Android devices for many reasons. Some of these include:

  • They don’t have real access to the areas affected by viruses
  • Most are resource intensive and drain your battery

Antivirus developers also claim that their apps help to detect intrusions, but just as I said before, these apps don’t have actual access. The greatest security threats in Android arise from loopholes within the Android system itself, and these can’t be helped by having an antivirus app installed on your devices since even they work within the Android system.

To protect android devices from these loopholes, smartphone and chipset manufacturers are working on security measures that work at a system level and not just within android. A good example is Intel security that is available in Samsung devices with Android Lollipop and above. This service is available and helps to detect any real threats that may affect your device and protect you from them.

How to use Intel security

  • In your Settings menu, go to Lock screen and security
  • Select Device security and then Scan device
  • This will scan your device for any possible threats and remove them accordingly
  • Sometimes it may require that you restart your device to completely remove the threat

Why do people still use antivirus apps?

There is a bit of security one feels when they have an antivirus app installed, but this only stems from the insecurity we feel with our PCs. It is important to distinguish the two systems and not fall into the trap of marketers trying to boost their sales of antivirus apps. The truth is, there aren’t many viruses that affect android devices, and most people will never even encounter them.

So, install your favourite antivirus app to make yourself ‘feel’ secure, but don’t put your trust in such apps. Believe me, when a real threat comes by, that antivirus will not help.