Smartphone connectivity

May 03, 2016

A smartphone is useless without a connection, and LTE has become the new craze. It is significantly faster in data transfer, which means faster downloads and streaming. The Galaxy S5 and S6 can record and watch 4K videos, which would take full advantage of the fast internet connection, though there isn’t a device capable of watching 3D. For that, you will need your PC, if it doesn’t have internet though, you may have to use your device. Here’s how:


If you don’t have an internet connection, you can use your device to connect your PC to the internet.

  1. Connect your device to PC through a USB cable
  2. Navigate to the settings menu
  3. Under "Wireless & networks," touch More, then, Tethering & portable hotspot
  4. Select portable hotspot to enable USB tethering

It might take a few seconds the first time you do this as your PC establishes the connection, though it depends on the PC specs. If you still can’t establish an internet connection, open Network and Sharing Center in Control Panel, click on the network icon and diagnose. Windows is able to correct any problems with the network which is usually a conflict between IP addresses.

Portable hotspot

The procedure is similar to USB tethering except this time you select ‘Portable Hotspot’ instead. To change the name of your network or password, touch the settings icon and do so, although afterwards you might have to turn the hotspot off then on again for the changes to take effect.

The advantage of this is that you can connect multiple devices, so if you have a tablet and a PC, they can both be connected. It is, however, detrimental to your battery, I can’t tell you how many people have had to buy new batteries because of this; although this only happens if you use it for extended periods.

Bluetooth tethering

It is also possible to share your internet connection via Bluetooth, although speeds are not as good as Wi-Fi. It is, however, useful when you want to connect to a device that doesn’t have Wi-Fi such as old device models. Even so, anything short of Bluetooth version 4.0 is bound to provide very slow speeds, I actually don’t use this feature because of that.


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