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May 03, 2016

Taking screenshots

For devices running Android version ICS (4.0.4) and above, press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time. You will see a banner notifying you that the screenshot has been saved and you can find it in the Gallery. For devices lower than ICS, try pressing the Home and Power buttons simultaneously. If that doesn’t work, you may need to install a 3rd party app such as No Root Screenshot It which will do the trick.

Music and video shortcuts

When you’re listening to music, you don’t want to be fishing out your phone from your pocket every time you want to skip a song. Thankfully, you have numerous other options.

  1. Headset buttons: most earphones have a button for Play/Pause, therefore you can quickly stop music when you want. Also, by quickly pressing this button twice, you can skip a song, and thrice to play the previous song. If your earphones have volume buttons, that’s even better.
  2. Volume keys: if your earphones don’t have buttons, there is an option to control music using the volume buttons in the sound settings. When active, you can skip songs by holding the Power Up button and vice versa.
  3. Lock screen widgets: if you have a long password or pattern, place a widget on the lock screen that will allow you to skip music without having to unlock the device. This option is available in android Jellybean and KitKat, though not in Lollipop.

When playing videos, do you get as confused as I do with the volume buttons? The Volume Up button is on the left, when the phone is tilted left, and I accidentally press it when I want to turn down the volume. Thankfully, you can now reverse volume buttons in sound settings so the volume buttons concur with the position of the phone.

Turning off app notifications

If you’re sick of multiple notifications from various apps and games, there’s a way to turn them off. Games especially such as Clash of Clans and Candy Crush are notorious in sending notifications about how your clan is ready to fight.

And it’s not just annoying but also drains the battery. To turn them off, go to the app you’re interested in, below the title and Uninstall buttons is a checkbox which you can uncheck to turn off notifications.

Changing default apps

If you’ve ever installed 3rd party apps such as Poweramp for music, MX Player for videos or Google Chrome for Internet, then you might be familiar with the popup that asks you which app you’d like to use. Below the options is a checkbox to set a particular app as the default for that action, so next time you don’t get the popup.

If you had previously set an app as the default for an action and would like to change it, you will have to clear defaults for that app. This is available when you select the app from the app settings, then you can make a different selection.

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