Why Sammy is still king

April 26, 2016

The Galaxy S7 vs. HTC 10

No two Android smartphone manufacturers have opposing philosophies as much as Samsung and HTC. Samsung devices are always full of features while HTC devices are fairly simple and straightforward. For that, the two manufacturers have always appealed to completely different demographics, with Sammy fans looking for additional and gimmicky features and HTC fans hoping for a simple experience.

With these new flagships, though, the manufacturers seem to be closing the gap and the decision may not be as cut and dry as it was before. Nevertheless, Samsung seem to be closing the gap quicker, beating the HTC, but not by far. Here’s all you need to know in case you face the dilemma of the two devices:


HTC had hoped their UltraPixel camera technology would set them apart from the pixel race, but the strategy didn’t work. This technology was touted as a better performer in low-light situations, and it was to some extent, but regular daylight pictures took a hit due to the low pixel count of 4MP. It was because of this that the HTC 10’s predecessor, the HTC M9 didn’t use UltraPixel technology, instead making use of a 20MP camera. That didn’t work too well either, so this time UltraPixel technology is back, but it’s much better at 12MP.

Samsung, on the other hand, have introduced their own new camera technology dubbed dual-pixel. You only need to look at pictures taken by the S7 and HTC 10 side-by-side to notice the difference, and Samsung clearly takes the lead especially when photos are zoomed in. So, while both devices have 12MP sensors dual-pixel seems to be winning against UltraPixel.


The battle here, again, is between metal and glass which is a matter of user preference. However, the HTC 10’s design has been refined to make it even better than its predecessors, although that has meant that the front-facing speakers have had to be relocated. The S7, however, is slimmer at 7.9mm while the HTC 10 is thicker at 9mm. In this category, it really is about what you prefer, hence it’s a tie.


HTC have never been concerned with gimmicks, an area where Samsung takes pride in. The S7 has the usual features: pedometer, heartrate monitor and dust and water resistance; both have a fingerprint reader. The HTC, however, have their BoomSound speakers which are awesome. Sorry Samsung. This is great for music-lovers and also for speaker-calls. Because of that, it’s still a tie depending on what matters most to you: taking pictures underwater, or sharing music and videos with your friends.

The verdict

Both the Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 are awesome performers with the best specs in the market, and the only difference arises from the user experience. In which case the S7 would be more suited for those who like to play around with their devices and the HTC for someone who prefers to focus on specific tasks. Still, Samsung claims the top spot because I believe it is better to have features you don’t use, than to regret not having them when you need it.

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